Non-Fungible Tokens

What is a NFT?

       A non-fungible token, also known as a NFT is a cryptographic token that represents a unique digital asset such as a custom-made sneaker or a piece of digital art. Each NFT has its own characteristics and is never the same. The value assigned to Nfts is found in the uniqueness of these tokens.

How to Make NFT Artwork

So, you want to create NFT artwork? You have come to the right place. Here is how to create your own unique Nifty Art.  

NFT Realty

The sale of virtual land is hot stuff. Some land parcels are selling for big bucks. Property in the Metaverse can be developed just as property in the real world is developed. Users can build interactive games, offer experiences, rent, buy or sale these assets.

Game Nifties

NFTs are being used in everything from Sports to video games, financial services, ways to transfer property and their popularity is steadily growing at a rapid rate. Now you can do more than have fun playing video games. You can make money as well.  With the current state of the world due to Covid-19 people have been forced to stay home more. This is helping to remold the entertainment industry, which includes gaming.

Top NFT Artist

Crypto artist Matt Kane has set another NFT record by selling his digital artwork for a record 262 ethereum. That is equivalent to $101,000 dollars. “Right Place And Right Time” is a programmable art piece that was built in layers. Those layers rotate to a new position every twenty-four hours with the price of bitcoin. Read more for full article.